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3:10 juin 29, 2017

“Between Provence and Camargue” Jean Coulot’s retrospective from July 11th to August 13th 2017

Jean Coulot is an artist who distances himself from his contemporaries in the 1950’s. In his work, he expresses himself with figurative elements. The subjects of his work (women, birds, landscapes, boats or rocks) are only represented by forms ans colors.

This mediterranean retrospective of Jean Coulot, which presents his works since 1960 for 30 years, shows landscapes of Antibes, […]

2:22 juin 29, 2017

Exhibition of paintings by Gaëtan de Séguin from June 7th to July 9th 2017

“I is another one”





Gaëtan de Séguin was born in 1971 in Montpellier.
He paints the crowd, but not only.
He paints the individual, but not only.
An individual in the crowd. A crowd in the individual.

The series of “J +” is an idea which arose from the tragic event of the attack of Charlie Hebdo, in January 2015. Since then, the events, […]

2:22 juin 29, 2017

Exhibition of botanical watercolors and photos by Sylvie Pélissier and Chantal Pommier from April 29th to June 5th 2017


This exhibition presents Chantal Pommier’s photographic creations and Sylvie Pélissier’s botanical watercolors which remind the gardens of the Abbey of Saint-André. Both artists, familiar of the Abbey, work on the representation, in a different way, of the vegetal world. The illustrator Sylvie Pélissier, of the FrenchCompany of Botanical Illustration, works in a meticulous way on her botanical watercolors […]

2:21 juin 29, 2017

Exhibition of photos by Cédric Pollet from March 1st to April 26th 2017

“From the barks to the garden : fabulous world of trees”

Cédric Pollet is a botanical photographer and landscape designer.

This exhibition presents his work and passion : photos of trees with especially interesting, unique and beautiful barks with artistic and original designs.
A collection of barks of the whole world is also exposed.

From March 1st to April 26th 2017
MARCH 10:00 -13:00   […]