“From the barks to the garden : fabulous world of trees”

Cédric Pollet

Cédric Pollet

Cédric Pollet

Cédric Pollet

Cédric Pollet is a botanical photographer and landscape designer.

This exhibition presents his work and passion : photos of trees with especially interesting, unique and beautiful barks with artistic and original designs.
A collection of barks of the whole world is also exposed.

From March 1st to April 26th 2017
MARCH 10:00 -13:00   14 :00-18:00
APRIL 10:00 -13:00   14:00-18:00

Exhibition of photos : barks and winter gardens
The world of bark is rich and complex. According to species, but also age, exposure to sunlight and moisture, type of soil, climatic and environmental conditions, trees develop an external protection with extremely variable forms and textures. Beyond the approach of Cedric Pollet, both scientific and artistic, his photos open our eyes to a world at once unexpected and yet within reach of everyone.

Exhibition of the collection of barks
This collection is quite unique and has a scientific and educational value. It presents various species of barks, their originality and their esthetics. The exhibition presents several boxes with 10 species of barks inside them which are grouped by families or by botanical kinds.

More informations : www.cedric-pollet.com

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