Iris Sylvie Pelissier

Passiflore 2 _Sylvie Pelissier  pivoine sur papier gris _ Sylvie Pélissier

This exhibition presents Chantal Pommier’s photographic creations and Sylvie Pélissier’s botanical watercolors which remind the gardens of the Abbey of Saint-André. Both artists, familiar of the Abbey, work on the representation, in a different way, of the vegetal world. The illustrator Sylvie Pélissier, of the FrenchCompany of Botanical Illustration, works in a meticulous way on her botanical watercolors while Chantal Pommier sublimates textures and real colors of plants.

jardin enfantin - ©Chantal Pommier Arrêt sur Nature  Jardin méditerranéen 1©Chantal Pommier Arrêt sur Nature  Jardins exotiques ©Chantal Pommier Arrêt sur Nature

From April 29th to June 5th 2017
APRIL 10:00-13:00    14:00-18:00
JUNE 10:00-13:00    14:00-18:00

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