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3:19 mars 22, 2024

Hortus café, open from April to September 2024

Chef Alexia Buonvino invites you to take a gourmet break under the vaulted gardens of Saint-André Abbey.
Set in the heart of the gardens, sheltered by the vaults, this café offers a breathtaking view of the Palace of the Popes. Chef Alexia Buonvino offers a menu of fresh sweet and savoury snacks made from local produce. Visitors can also enjoy […]

3:08 mars 22, 2024

“La Fukaï” exhibition, a naturalist fable by Renaud Robin from 1 March to 2 June 2024

Here we are, plunged into the heart of the creative process led by Aveyron artist Renaud Robin since 2019. This collection, called Fukaï, will be on show from 1 March to 2 June 2024. Creatures inspired by the fantastic world of Hayao Miyazaki, from the Japanese ecological manga “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”. With exuberant organic forms […]

3:33 mars 21, 2024

“Rendez-vous aux jardins” 1st & 2 June 2024

Saturday 1st June :

Botanical guided tours with the abbey gardener Romain Lestruhaut

11am, 2pm and 4pm on the theme “The five senses in the garden”.
Tours with our gardener Romain Lestruhaut, a companion with a passion for dry gardens. He will take visitors through the paths to discover the incredible Mediterranean flora on the theme of the “Five Senses”.
Bookings required 04 […]

3:34 mars 20, 2024

“Traits de plume” exhibition, by Patrick Di Meglio from 5 June to 1 September 2024

A singular visual artist, Patrick di Meglio accumulates hundreds of stork, seagull, buzzard, gull, woodcock and peacock feathers for his large-format works. He strips them bare, delicately stripping off the beards and barbules, burning the down and leaving only the perfectly polished rachis. Playing on the contrast between the velvety and the sharp, this disconcerting material traces out a […]

3:39 mars 19, 2024

“Au fil du lin et du chanvre” exhibition by Joanna Staniszkis from 4 September to 31 October 2024

Joanna Staniszkis studied fine art in Warsaw and then at the Academy of Art in Chicago. She taught for many years in Canada, particularly in textile design and historical costumes. At the same time, she was creating tapestries in her studio, with a predilection for textures, hand-spun materials, natural dyes, plastic and technical exploration, and the desire always to […]