Here we are, plunged into the heart of the creative process led by Aveyron artist Renaud Robin since 2019. This collection, called Fukaï, will be on show from 1 March to 2 June 2024. Creatures inspired by the fantastic world of Hayao Miyazaki, from the Japanese ecological manga “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”. With exuberant organic forms as complex and poetic as nature itself, his works project a little-known world. Inventoried as if in a naturalist’s collection, we learn from the scenography their scientific name, their biotope or their precise function… Leaving us to imagine the life of this not so chimerical fauna and flora. Finesse, colours, textures, Renaud Robin knows all about the mysteries and demands of woodcarving. His obsession: inventing new forms and working with emptiness, hence the lightness of the thirty or so pieces on display. This whimsical storyteller invites us to follow him and rediscover the wonder of Nature.