Joanna Staniszkis studied fine art in Warsaw and then at the Academy of Art in Chicago. She taught for many years in Canada, particularly in textile design and historical costumes. At the same time, she was creating tapestries in her studio, with a predilection for textures, hand-spun materials, natural dyes, plastic and technical exploration, and the desire always to create works that would last. “She finds inspiration and knowledge in the rich and vast vocabulary of fabrics. Now based in the Lubéron region of France, her contemporary designs feature translucent prints on silk and gauze, reflecting the evolution of nature: growth, tangled branches or roots, rotting, delicately woven nests… Printing, dyeing, stamping and pleating are all mastered with lightness, giving rise to magical installations and garments… With a historical bias that, after silk, embraces linen and hemp fabrics, echoing the ancestral knowledge of Provence.