Draped twists, wooden prieuses, veined cocoons
An artist bewitched by the forest, Marc Nucera wishes to take over the Saint-André Abbey with a wolf’s pace, in a breath. The exhibition De Mémoire d’arbre will vibrate in unison with the monastic spaces. Twists and columns, prieuses, bas-reliefs, the soul of the forest is revealed with exaltation under the hands of this tree sculptor. Behind the softness of the curves and the sensuality of the woody material, the bubbling of the barely frozen genesis shines through.

After bringing to life twigs and barrels, Marc Nucera slides into the heart of the wood, which becomes scarified flesh, drapery, openworked and punched organic matter. He espouses disproportionate verticalities that rise to the sky, while on the ground, the woods are lined up like polished pebbles ready to bloom. On the edge of the woods, his anthropomorphic sculptures, all in roundness, watch over the place, watching for omens and visitors.

The artist works per via de levare with multiple chainsaws and even if the gesture requires strength and determination, sometimes bordering on reason, Marc Nucera lives it as a sensitive act, listening to the material, which he cuts up, evides according to its meaning, respects its energy, exhales its vitality, exhumes its age-old memory, its life course as a tree before being wood.

More information on : https://marc-nucera.fr/, page Instagram https://www.instagram.com/marcnucera/